Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why real estate is a good investment

During the past few weeks, the financial crisis facing our country has caused many of their retirement accounts to suffer. I was visiting with a person that had lost $26,000 in just a few days because of the stock market decline. Lucky for this person I had convinced him to buy a rental property close to the OSU campus several years ago. I asked him if the rent check for October had come in yet and he smiled and said it sure had. He realized at that moment that if you have rental properties under lease, that the income stays constant during bad times. As a matter of fact, as this nation's financial crisis continues it's downward spiral and homeowners are foreclosed on, rental properties will become a better investment. Let's face it, everyone needs a roof over their head and if they aren't homeowners then they are renters.

If you would like to discuss using some of your retirement account to buy rentals contact our office at ERA Stillwater! We have a trust company that we work with to meet the IRS requirements of a IRA or 401k, we can locate the property and we can manage it for you too! Give us a call today!

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